PYRAEL is Gothic / Hard Rock / Metal.

Some of PYRAEL's "direction" is Danzig, Five Finger Death Punch, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, James Gang and a little bit o' Mussorgsky.

Pyrael is a play on words taken from the root words of ancient languages. The translation chosen for it's meaning is "lightbringer". Pyr as in light, and ael as in the Hebrew suffix meaning angel; deliverer, messenger, etc.

The whole reasoning behind Pyrael, is the deliverance of a message. This message is one of light from the darkness. It is called the illumination. In a world the likes of our own, where darkness reigns so powerfully, we all could use a message or two. And who better than a bard to deliver a message?

The album, Insanity, is about just that; Insanity. Insanity comes in many forms. Benjamin Franklin defined insanity as "Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results". Well, I beg to differ. Look at the world, displace yourself momentarily and look. The insanity infecting our lives is rampant. There are many types of insanity. From the Franklin definition, to child abuse, to dementia.

The tracks within the confines of Insanity reflect on but a few forms and hopefully open the listeners eyes to the effects that they have on our world.